Mighty Men of Valor

The Mighty Men of Valor is a ministry for all men to come together and strengthen each other. They meet biweekly in a casual and relaxed atmosphere for a time of fellowship. They compliment the Ladies' Ministry, and together they push for family enrichment issues. Their meetings are characterized with encouraging each other, strengthening each other, and nurturing each other. As a Church, our purpose is to help men discover their calling from God. We strive to equip, disciple and send each man out to fulfill his unique call. We aim to help men fulfill their destiny in God by growing as husbands, fathers, priests of their houses, and leaders in their vocation.

Fervent Women of God

We have a vibrant women's ministry. These women are at their meetings are equipped with the necessary knowledge so they can balance their time in playing their roles as good mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, etc as they pursue their destinies. Their monthly meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month. Speakers at their meetings touch on a variety of issues aiming at empowering the ICGC Woman of God

Children's Ministry

Children, from birth to twelve years make up this ministry. It is a combination of our nursery and children's ministries. The children's ministry assists the children to experience Jesus through music, puppet ministry, nursery workers, praise and worship, prayer and Word songs. The Word is ministered at their level through skits, storybooks, videos, DVDs, etc. The children are provided with a safe and comfortable atmosphere as well as careful supervision to experience the love of Christ

Youth Ministry

The Youth Department of International Central Gospel Church is what we call: "The Omega Generation" The ministry provides the kids (ages 13 to 18 years) with ways to understand and know God more, and to have a fulfilling relationship with Him. The ministry prepares them to properly integrate into adult life. We also assist the kids to discover their God-given talents and abilities, and to be all they were born to be. Their Sunday church services run concurrently with the adult service, which helps to effectively direct ministry to them, and allow them more room for expression and growth. This ministry teaches the kids that, "they live in the world, but they are not to live like the world." With the combination of education and recreation, we are realizing this vision.

Ushering Ministry

This ministry is like the "customer service" wing of the Church. As a Church that stands for excellence, practical Christianity and human dignity, we proudly guarantee all our members and guests all the care, love and attention they deserve. Hence, our greeters, ushers, hosts and front desk personnel earnestly work to provide a warm, friendly and loving atmosphere for everyone who come to our Church. Basically, we make you feel at home. Furthermore, this ministry is also responsible for providing information to our guests, seating them, handling the collection of tithes and offerings, the administering of communion and many others. Lastly, this ministry provides security for the members of the Church, and ensures their safety whilst on Church property. They also offer security not only to Church members, but also to our guest speakers as well as the senior church officials.

Welfare Ministry

This is the human resource development-oriented aspect of the Church, aimed at helping every member develop his or her spiritual potential, intellectual capacity, social sensitivity and the moral uprightness needed to become a useful citizen of society. This ministry helps with baby showers, baby christenings, child dedications, weddings, and bereavement. The objective of this ministry is to provide specialized ministry that will enrich the family lives of all members by equipping and providing nourishment to help families function effectively through God's laid down principles.

Prayer Ministry

Members of our prayer ministry are what we at ICGC call Livewires. They are the group who give life to the other ministries of the Church through a consistent, insistent and persistent prayer. They are the backbone to the overall operation of the ministry of Pastor Sadick Arthur. This effective and dynamic prayer ministry, which includes our intercessors and prayer warriors, pull the strings spiritually for the accomplishment of the vision of the Church, and the manifestation of the call on the Senior Pastor. Livewires is the integral part of the Church that fulfills the Scripture; "I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap"(Ezekiel 22:30). They have responded to the challenge of standing in the gap for the pastor, the congregation and our partners. They serve as the spiritual watchmen and watchwomen of the Church who handle the prayer needs of the Church and her members.

... And Even More Exciting Diverse Ministries For Everyone

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We have an outreach Ministry whose main objective is to reach the unsaved with good news of Jesus Christ. They are involved in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, street and house to house evangelism.
The Media Ministry is responsible for the production and marketing of sermons and the worship services recorded on CDs, DVDs, Audio Cassettes, & VHS). They also handle the development and maintenance of our website, and the production of data to be aired on Radio and Television. Put it this way: they are responsible for everything concerning visual and sound. The team includes the cameramen, sound engineers, audio technicians, and the PowerPoint operators. This group of dedicated Church members ensure the proper functioning of all gadgets that are critical to the success of our worship services and special events.
The music ministry of the Church is made up of the band/instrumentalists, the choir, and the praise team. These are the men and women who add flavor to our worship services, providing worshippers with music that glorify God. Over here at ICGC, we say we listen to music that does not only move the feet, but also, the heart. This ministry occasionally stages musical and theatrical performances and concerts for the uplifting of the soul.
With technical skills and knowledge of information technology, this team ensures crisp, clear sound is maintained throughout the worship service.
With knowledge of the Word, this team helps facilitate and teach Bible Study, plan sword drills and quizes.
With the skill of script writing, acting, singing, choreographing, and dancing, this team uses these talents to illustrate a message from the Word or practical life situation.
With marketing and customer service skills these individuals take fresh sermons preached to congregation to buy after service.
With a deep sense of responsibility, this ministry is responsible for keeping a clean and tidy facility for a great worship experience. They care and maintain the church facility.

With a great sense of hosptitality, members of this ministry meet with first time visitors to make them feel welcome and to communicate our vision to them.

Using the Bible, this ministry exist to glorify God by equipping single youth and adults to live lives of worship, maturity and witness. It provides an opportunity to address issues that are specific to their concerns and circumstances

With an element of creativity, arts and craft, this ministry is responsible for church decor, hospitality, picnic and events planning.

Video Required Skills: video recording, video editing, graphic designing and broadcasting skills. Responsibilities: providing audiovisual technical support for the church.