“It always seems impossible until it is done” (Nelson Mandela) It might initially seem impossible but don’t be afraid to take the risk. You will find out it was possible all this while. -PSA


“If you cannot be happy for the achievements of your friends, they can also not be happy for your achievements” Learn to celebrate your friends. Don’t always make it about you. Sometimes, make it about others. -PSA


“Don’t think of running when you haven’t walked” Life is a process. Don’t rush the process. The ideal time will come if you are patient. -PSA


“How do you expect to feel satisfied in the evening when you never felt determined in the morning”A satisfying life is impossible without determination. -PSA


“It’s never too late to start even if you should have started earlier”You might not have achieved what you wished you should have, and you may not be who you wished you should have, but that is no reason not to start. -PSA


“If it is really important, you will do it even if the odds are against you”Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t settle for less when there is more. -PSA


“What happens to you is not as important as how you react to what happens to you” How you react to the things that happen to you, good or bad, determines whether you’ll succeed or fail. -PSA


“Life is like a camera. The key is to focus on what is important”Let the important things capture your time. Don’t let the unimportant stuff take even a second of your time. -PSA


“When you are faithful in service, God will make you abound with blessings” God takes pleasure in blessing those that serve humanity and divinity with all their hearts. -PSA


“If you will remain hopeful, you will do incredible things and achieve great successes” Never stop hoping because miracles happen daily and everything is possible. -PSA