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The Vision

Overview (Acts 2:42)

To establish the house of God, through the development of Model New Testament Christians and churches.'

That is, we have the commitment to train and equip God's people who come to our church to develop and grow into maturity in Christ so they will manifest the character of Christ.

Vision in Details

To raise the image of every individual God gives to our care so we can equip them and help them discover their God-given abilities and purposes so they can be channels of blessing to our community and the
rest of the world. We strive for individual success and excellence in every sphere of life, be it spiritually, mentally, physically or materially.
This what we at ICGC call THE TOTAL MAN CONCEPT.

To establish the House of God through the development of Mode New Testament Christians and Churches. A Model New Testament Christian is the person who has grown into maturity in Christ. A Model New
Testament Church is the kind that creates the capacity for growth for her members.

We envision growing to our largest possible size, yet maintaining a proper balance of the Word and the Spirit. As we grow, we intend to create an atmosphere where we can share our lives together by
engaging in effective corporate worship, thereby supporting and praying for each other.

To equip every member for a significant ministry by helping them discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents.

To be a Church that functions as a base for global missionary activities. Thus, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. Church planting, outreach and missions is an integral part of
our spiritual DNA.

To produce disciples for Christ---Disciples of all ethnicities, cultures and nationalities. That is, a well diversified Church where the multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-national dynamics of our society is fully

To raise a Church where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.

To be a Church that would be an eloquent witness of Christ to mankind through their conduct and life.

To serve as an authentic channel for God to bring leadership and vision to our generation.

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